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Jasmine 200ml Reed Diffuser Refill - More Fragrance per Bottle than Eau de Parfum. Comes with 6 Thicke Back Reeds and a Funnel to Make Pouring Easier

200ml Jasmine Reed Diffuser Refill

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Our 200ml Jasmine reed diffuser refill will fill your home with rich and exotic floral Jasmine.

A luxurious blend of sweet heady Jasmine, warm Orchid, softer Rose and sensuous Ylang Ylang makes this scent perfect for all areas of your home.

Each Reed Diffuser refill is 200ml and comes in a plastic bottle with 6 new black reeds and a small funnel to make pouring easier.

We include new reeds as standard as they should be changed every time the bottle finishes.  New reeds will ensure yourJasmine Reed Diffuser Refill acts like new.

Size & Dimensions

Size: 200ml e 6.8fl oz

Usage: 4 months minimum (Avoid placing in areas of extreme heat e.g. above a radiator as this may shorten the life of your diffuser)

Black Reeds: 23cm x 4mm


Keep away from pets, small children and naked flames.  Do not ingest.  Avoid contact with wooden and polished surfaces as oils may damage these.  If oils come in contact with skin wash thoroughly in warm soapy water.