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Recharge is an all natural and 100% pure blend of Grapefruit, Orange & Spanish Sage Essential Oils.  Blended to harness the aromatherapy properties, these uplifting citrus essential oils are a natural way to boost your mood. 10ml black glass bottle with white & Gold label. Imogen's Luxuries, Berkshire, England. Natural, vegan & cruelty free

Recharge | Essential Oil Blend | Grapefruit, Orange & Spanish Sage | 10ml

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Uplift and recharge your senses with our 100% pure and all natural essential oil blend. 

Recharge is a powerful trio of Grapefruit, Orange & Spanish Sage essential oils. Carefully blended to harness the aromatherapy properties, these uplifting essential oils are a natural way to feel  recharged and revitalised. A softer citrus where juicy Sweet Orange harmoniously combines with fresh tangy Grapefruit and a hint of herby Spanish Sage. Inspired by the scent of Seville oranges in the Mediterranean and a perfect choice to enhance mood and leave you feeling recharged.

Aromatherapy benefits:   Recharging, uplifting, mood boosting .

  • Grapefruit: These bright and tangy notes help harness positivity and uplift your mood.  
  • Orange: Sweet and citrusy Orange is refreshing and uplifting and helps boost mood and reduce stress & anxiety. 
  • Spanish Sage: Herby and grounding this essential oil is both calming and soothing and helps reduce stress and anxiety and makes tension ebb away.
  • All natural concentrated essential oils.
  • Free from any ingredient other than pure essential oils.
  • Natural, vegan and cruelty free.
  • Blended by hand by Imogen’s Luxuries in Berkshire.

Size & Dimensions

10ml 0.35 fl.oz(uk)

Bottle Info: 71mm (h) x 24mm (w) Black glass bottle with dropper cap.

How to Use

  • Unscrew cap and gently turn bottle unit the required amount of drops are dispensed, replace cap. Wash hands thoroughly if contact is made with skin.

Ideas For Use

There are many ways to use our best selling essential oil blends the ones listed below are the most popular but feel free to get creative! Please note if you decide to use our blends on the skin please follow the dilution guidelines below and never use undiluted on the skin.

Up to 10 drops in 20ml of base oil such as Grapeseed or Sweet Almond oil (these base oils are not suitable if you have a nut allergy). Over 14 years only.

Bath Oil

Up to 4-6 drops in 20ml of base oil such as Grapeseed or Sweet Almond oil (these base oils are not suitable if you have a nut allergy) Over 14 years only.

Wax / oil burner

Place water in the dish and add a few drops of our Recharge essential oil blend, allow the tea light underneath to gently heat the solution. Once heated, the Recharge essential oils will be released into your room creating a wonderfully restoring and recharging atmosphere. 

Aroma diffuser

Add a few drops of our Revive Essential Oil blend into the water reservoir.  Close the aroma diffuser, set the timer and turn on. Sit back and enjoy the mist of our recharging and uplifting blend.

As scent strength is personal, for aroma diffusers and wax/oil burners we recommend starting with a few drops and then adjusting according to your personal preferences. 


Always use essential oils with caution.  If you have any allergies, serious medical conditions or are pregnant please consult a medical professional before use.

Keep away from children and pets.  Keep away from fabrics, painted and polished surfaces as damage may occur.  If on skin, wash with plenty of soap and water.  Not for human or animal consumption, if swallowed immediately call a doctor.  If in eyes, rinse with water for several minutes.

If using with an aroma diffuser or oil burner ensure they are placed on a stable surface and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for safe use.

Contains: Citral*, Limonene*, Linalool*, (*All naturally occurring in essential oils) 

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