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Relax Reed Diffuser with Lavender Bergamot and Cedar Essential Oils. A perfect natural diffuser oil for the bedroom containing essential oils for sleep.Our scent sticks are a natural home fragrance with aromatherapy benefits to help you relax and reduce stress. 100ml £16.00. Handmade in small batches by Imogen’s Luxuries, Berkshire.
Relax reed diffuser with thick black reed sticks to scent your home naturally. Perfect alternative to an aroma diffuser. Natural, vegan and cruelty free. Handmade by Imogen's Luxuries
Our Relax 100ml room diffuser is scented with Lavender, Bergamot and cedar essential oils to help anxiety and improve sleep. A natural way to relax.
Our beautiful black and gold gift boxes make our Relax reed diffuser a perfect gift for Mother's Day, Birthday or Christmas

Relax 100ml Reed Diffuser: Lavender, Bergamot & Cedar

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Our Relax reed diffuser is beautifully scented with our signature calming and relaxing blend of Lavender, Bergamot & Cedar essential oils.  Lavender is beautifully floral with a woody herbaceous undertone which is enhanced by the addition of Cedarwood. The Bergamot in my blend brings a hint of bright citrus which uplifts and balances the floral and woody notes to create my well rounded Relax aromatherapy scent.  Carefully designed to harness the aromatherapy properties of these wonderful essential oils our blend may help reduce anxiety, stress and improve sleep. Fragrance your home and create relaxing atmosphere at the same time! 

Sleek, Modern and Minimalist design 

Our diffuser design is sleek and minimalistic with elegant gold foiling on our matt black labels which complements the black reeds and gold collar enhancing your stylish interior.  Presented in a bespoke black and gold gift box tied with a satin bow our diffusers are perfect to gift to a loved one or as a treat for yourself. 

How are our Relax Diffusers made?

-Each of our diffusers is designed, blended and handmade in small batches by Imogen in Berkshire

-Our Relax diffusers are natural, vegan, cruelty free and unique to us. 

-Each diffuser contains a high essential oil content, more fragrance than in Eau de Parfum 

-We use therapeutic grade essential oils which are completely natural and can help with reducing anxiety and stress, restoring calm and improve sleeping.

-Our aromatherapy blend of essential oils is a a natural home fragrance

-Free From: Synthetic fragrance, synthetic colours, alcohol, paraffin, palm oil & derivatives

Luxury Gift set contains: 100ml Relax reed diffuser, 6 thick black reeds, beautiful gift box finished with a black satin bow.

100% satisfaction guarantee

Handmade by Imogen’s Luxuries in Berkshire.

Size & Dimensions

Size: 100ml e 3.4fl oz

Usage: Approx 8 weeks (Avoid placing in areas of extreme heat e.g. above a radiator as this may shorten the life of your diffuser)

Black Reeds: 20cm x 4mm 

Bottle Size: 8cm x 7cm

Read safety label before use


My Inspiration

After visiting Provence during summer as a child, I remember being amazed at the beauty of the fields of Lavender and the wonderful scent filling the air. It was so relaxing, and I wanted to recreate that feeling of being back there, but put my personal stamp on it. It took a lot of experimentation to find the right balance between enhancing and overpowering the Lavender, I was delighted when I achieved it! Relax has all the wonderful properties of Lavender but supercharged and with a more modern twist. The addition of Bergamot and Cedar to my blend is aimed to balance out the blend and enhance the ability to help reduce anxiety and stress whilst giving a mental boost! It just smells wonderful!

It was also important to me to keep the diffuser natural, a lot of companies use a solvent base, I wanted to avoid this so I can bring the beautiful scent of nature inside to your home. I hope you love it as much as I do!

How I love to use it   

For me Relax is the perfect diffuser for the bedroom. I always have to have it, it’s just great to give that feeling of having a ‘time out’ and really helps me sleep. After a long day I find it great to help me wind down, I have a diffuser on my bedside table so I can lie down and feel the stress ebb away! If the day has been particularly challenging I will sometimes have an additional spritz with my Relax room spray over my linen, please do test on a small fabric sample first if you want to use our room spray like this!

Fun Fact

Lavender was grown in the monasteries of Europe in the 13th and 14th century for its fragrance, medicinal properties and beautiful appearance.


  • Unscrew the gold collar and remove the seal.
  • Replace the gold collar back onto the bottle.
  • Un-tie the ribbon around the reeds and insert the reeds into the bottle.
  • Allow 48 hours for the fragrance to fill the room.

Keep away from polished and painted surfaces as Essential Oils can damage them.  Always wash your hands after touching the reeds.



Keep out of reach of children and pets.  Keep Reed Diffuser Oil away from polished / varnished surfaces and fabrics as damage may occur.  If on skin, wash with plenty of soap and water.  Not for human or animal consumption, if swallowed immediately call a doctor.  If in eyes, rinse with water for several minutes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Strong scent

The packaging was lovely and the scent was so strong you could smell outside the box which is always a good sign. Lovely to buy from small businesses!

Dean Mistlin
Room filling fragrance

I was super impressed when I first smelt these diffusers in the lobby of a very large building. The fragrance could be smelt over 100m away from the display area. I love how fresh and uplifting this is.

Beautiful, long-lasting fragrance

I bought these diffusers for the first time a few years ago at work. They are absolutely gorgeous and last a very long time. They are subtle (as in they don’t give headaches) and make the whole room smell so beautiful. I used this one in my bedroom and Revive in the office as it’s citrusy so uplifting. They are also packed nicely so this year I bought a few for friends.
P.s. you can request samples if you’re too worried buying without knowing the smell.

Paula Pearson
Love fragrance, not too strong

Have this diffuser in my guest bathroom which has been refilled several times over the last year. Lovely smell not too strong and guests have loved the fragrance especially when relaxing in the bath. Highly recommend.

Strong, Suitable and Authentic

I have bought a few reed diffusers from Imogen Luxuries, so far I have not been disappointed. Scents are strong enough but not overpowering. I LOVE the fact that it is alcohol-free.