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Balance 3 wick scented candle is handmade with natural wax. Scented with Geranium, Bergamot & Tangerine pure essential oils. Large scent throw is great for a big room. Handmade by Imogen's Luxuries in Berkshire, England
Our Balance 3 wick candle is handmade by Imogen in Berkshire England. Made in small batches with natural wax and the finest essential oils our Balance candle is a beautiful addition to any home. Balance is a blend of Geranium, Bergamot & Tangerine Essential oils which create a wonderfully uplifting yet relaxing atmosphere. 500g wax and beautifully gift boxed £35.00
Balance 3 Wick Candle: Geranium, Bergamot & Tangerine
Create ambiance with our Balance 3 wick candle £35.00

Balance 3 Wick Candle: Geranium, Bergamot & Tangerine

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The Balance 3 wick candle is handmade with 500g of natural wax and fragranced with Geranium, Bergamot & Tangerine Essential Oils.  A beautiful blend ideal to help create a welcoming homely atmosphere, reduce stress and create a feeling of contentment.  Carefully designed with a trio of cotton wicks for a long clean and even burn.

About our Balance Fragrance Blend

Our Balance candle features soothing Geranium uplifted by sweet tangerine and enhanced with the de-stressing properties of crisp Bergamot.  A beautiful all-round blend which helps create a welcoming and cocooning home atmosphere.  As part of our Spa Collection this unique blend harnesses the essential oil properties giving you a luxurious product which will enhance your home.

What Makes our Balance 3 Wick Candle so Special?

Our  Balance 3 wick candle contains 500g of natural wax and the greatest amount possible of pure essential oils for fragrance. We create indulgent essential oil blends which help relieve in the stresses and strains of modern-day life.  Our Balance blend is designed to carefully create a welcoming, uplifting and homely atmosphere.  Part of our Spa collection our Balance 3 wick candle is made with only natural wax and natural fragrances, with absolutely no petrochemicals, additives or parabens.  The wax we use is also from a sustainable source and contains no trace of Palm Oil.  Our Balance candle is 100% natural and handmade in Berkshire, England with the utmost attention to detail.  Carefully designed with a trio of cotton wicks our candles are a truly luxurious way to create that welcoming and homely atmosphere.

Burn time 70 hours approx.

Wax weight 500.

Size 125mm (w) x 70mm (h)

How to use

  • Light all 3 wicks at the same time and allow the candle to pool fully across.
  • Burn for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4 hours.
  • We use self trimming wicks, so you shouldn’t need to trim them.  However, if the wick starts to become too long or bulb at the end, simply trim and dispose of the excess.


Keep out of reach of children and pets.  Do not leave candle burning unattended. Do not burn near flammable items.  Ensure the wick is not too long or bulbed prior to lighting.  Keep wax pool clear of debris and wick trimmings. If on skin, wash with plenty of soap and water. Not for human or animal consumption, if swallowed immediately call a doctor.

Customer Reviews

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Paula O’Sullivan
The Best Candles I’ve ever bought

I love Imogen candles. They all smell gorgeous, burn evenly & great to moisturise your hands once they’ve been blown out.

Dawn dawn McKenzie-Walker
3 wick candle.

Just love these candles.
They are beautifully packaged and smell wonderful.