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Relax 200ml Reed Diffuser £28.00. Beautifully Presented with a Gold Collar and with 6 Thick Black Reeds. Gift Boxed

Relax 200ml Reed Diffuser: Lavender, Bergamot & Cedar

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Product Description

Relax is a calming blend of Lavender, Bergamot & Cedarwood essential oils which creates a de-stressing and peaceful atmosphere. A modern twist on a classic lavender reed diffuser. Light floral Lavender seamlessly combines with crisp, zesty Bergamot and deep woody Cedar, which will leave you with a feeling of inner calm.

The Lavender reed diffuser is used by many to help sleep and aid in relaxation. Our Relax blend has all the beneficial properties of Lavender but also is more modern and uplifting with the use of crisp zesty Bergamot. The deep woody notes of Cedar creates a blend which is more sumptuous than a plain lavender diffuser and has a hint of masculinity.

A luxurious and low maintenance way to keep you home smelling wonderful and also help in relaxation.
A perfect way to fragrance and area without a naked flame.

Handmade in Hertfordshire, England with the utmost attention to detail. Carefully blended and including 6 thick black reeds beautifully hand tied with a satin bow.

Volume: 200ml
Lasts: 4 months

About our Relax Fragrance Blend

Our unique Relax fragrance blend combines the relaxing properties of Lavender and stress reducing properties of Bergamot with soothing Cedarwood. This our modern twist on a classic lavender diffuser. The sweet citrus element of Bergamot lifts the floral notes of Lavender and is beautifully balanced with a hint of warming, woody Cedar. A fantastically relaxing blend and an ideal choice for the bedroom.

How to get the most from your Relax Reed Diffuser

Remove stopper and place all reeds into the oil. Spread reeds for even fragrance distribution.
Avoid placing in areas of extreme warmth such as on a radiator as this will shorten the life of your diffuser.

We also sell refill oil for our Relax Diffusers, a great way to make your diffuser last longer. These are 180ml and include a new set of reeds and a funnel to make pouring easier. Click here to buy now


Keep away from young children and pets.  Keep away from open flames.  Do not ingest. Keep oil away from polished / varnished surfaces and fabrics as damage may occur. If oil comes in contact with the skin wash thoroughly with soap and water.


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