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Relax Room Spray: Fragranced with Lavender, Bergamot & Cedar essential oils. More fragrance per bottle than eau de parfum. 100ml £14

Relax Room Spray: Lavender, Bergamot & Cedar

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Product Description

Our 'Relax' room spray contains a wonderfully restful blend of Lavender, Bergamot & Cedar essential oils.  A calming and peaceful aromatherapy scent perfect to spray in the bedroom to help give a restful sleep.

Containing more fragrance per bottle than eau de parfum our room spray acts as a perfume for the home.

Carefully blended to smell gorgeous and harness the beneficial properties of the essential oils. This aromatherapy blend is ideal to create a relaxing homely atmosphere and restore a sense of inner calm.

Beautifully presented in a frosted glass bottle with a gold atomizer and cap, your room spray will also look gorgeous and complement your interior décor.

Our Relax room spray is a perfect way to transform your surroundings and create your own relaxing oasis. Simply spritz liberally into the air to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere. Perfect to spray in the bedroom before going to bed to help give a restful sleep.

About our Relax Scent

‘Relax’ is a calming and nurturing blend, ideal to fade away the stresses of modern living and enhance inner calm. 
Inspired by the beauty of rolling fields of Lavender on a summer’s day our ‘Relax’ scent is perfect to instil inner peace and create a sense of zen.  Light floral Lavender is enhanced by intense citrus Bergamot and deep woody Cedar to give a well-rounded scent which aids in relaxation and well-being.

Transform your home into your oasis.

How to use your Relax Room Spray

  • Simply spritz liberally into the air and enjoy the serenity this blend creates.
  • Why not spritz liberally before an evening of relaxation and feel the stresses and strains ebb away.
  • Spray in the bedroom to help achieve restful sleep.
  • Use at times of stress to help you relax and focus.
  • Spritz liberally before a relaxing bath to emerge feeling relaxed and restored.

100ml e 3.4fl oz
190mm (h) x 40mm (w) 

Safety Information

Keep only in original container. Keep away from children and pets. Not a food product so do not consume. Ensure nozzle is facing away from face before spraying and do not spray in eyes. If liquid comes in contact with eyes, wash immediately. Do not spray on open flame or ignition source. Do not spray directly on varnished surfaces. Keep out of direct sunlight. May produce an allergic reaction so not suitable for the skin. Highly flammable liquid and vapour.